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The little girl disappeared, but the big person called Mum arrived and opened up the back of the car. Before little pup knew what was happening, Mum scooped her up in her blanket and carried her towards a house.

All of a sudden little pup felt very tired and gave a great big yawn. The concrete floor was cold and she shivered. She wanted to curl up to sleep with all her brothers and sisters in front of a nice warm fire. But where were they?

   With a whimper, she crept into one of the kennels and curled up into a ball. I’ll never get to sleep with all these strange noises and smells, she thought miserably. But little puppies do get very tired and quite soon she was fast asleep.

One morning, Ellie spotted something flapping on the washing line. It was white and looked just like an upside down person waving their arms about. When she jumped up to catch one end of it in her teeth, the pegs popped off with a lovely ‘ping, ping’ sound. The next thing she knew, the washing had landed on top of her!

Smelly Ellie