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Dilly Drops In


Do you like trees? I love them! I used to climb a lot of trees as a child, and I especially remember sitting at the spindly top of a pine tree, swaying gently in the breeze and smelling the tang of pine sap. Have you ever got pine sap on your clothes? It’s murder to wash out again and whoever does the washing is probably going to be a bit annoyed about it...


That memory started off my fantasy adventure book for the 9-13 age group, Dilly Drops In. There are body-recycling gnomes, a perfectly-behaved doppelganger, a little bit of blood and guts, a dash of toilet humour, and a quest – all part of an adventure that not only sees heroine, Dilly/Sarah, rescuing a group of hi-jacked souls so that they can go on to their heavens, but one that will also mend her difficult relationship with her mum.

     The story is light-hearted and fun, while tackling the underlying theme of loss—the loss of a parent through divorce, the loss of loved ones through death—and the inevitable personal adjustments that have to take place.


Works in Progress

Smelly Ellie: tells the tale of a little puppy who finds herself abandoned to an animal shelter. The story is completed, but I’m working on some drawings to accompany it. Click here to see


A Much Maligned Mole: Montelimar Mole, Monty for short, enjoys a peaceful life in the countryside. His life becomes a nightmare when a family arrives, but he accidentally discovers something that keeps everyone happy. This story is complete too, but will need some drawings.