About Me

I was born in Norwich, in the (mostly) flat county of Norfolk, so being a bit contrary by nature, perhaps that’s why I’ve always loved rolling landscapes of hills and valleys. I played out a lot as a child – mostly around the council estate where I was born and in the local woods. When I wasn’t out climbing trees, firing my imaginary gun from a bus shelter, or parachuting off the neighbour’s wall with a sheet, I would have my nose buried in a book, be writing a story, or drawing. My love affair with reading is mostly down to my much-missed mum, Pat, who never failed to take me and my sister, Tracey, along to the local library on a Saturday so that we could stock up on books for the week ahead.

My very first ambition was to be a writer, or artist, but somehow I ended up being a nurse. Two years after qualifying, when I moved away from Norfolk to work with handicapped young adults in a residential home in Sidcup, I met the person who would sweep me off my feet and to the magical county of West Dorset. A busy life ensued – opening a Kitchenware shop, marriage, raising three sons, and building a new career in the natural health care fields (massage, the Bowen Technique, Medical Herbalist)

When a flyer for a new writing group in Lyme Regis caught my eye I wasn’t brave enough to go, until someone I knew announced she was going, and I thought if she could do it, why couldn’t I? Lots of enthusiastically written drivel gradually morphed into half decent stories and I was hooked! The power of a well-written story became clear during two years of volunteering with a charity (Dorset Reading Partners) that inspires primary school children to enjoy books. Seeing the children’s confidence and comprehension naturally improve as they learned to appreciate the stories was a joy.

A Jar Full Of Angel Feathers is my first published novel for children and is influenced by two of the things that I care about deeply – the magic and mystery of nature, and the ways in which people are shaped for better, or worse, by the experiences that come into their lives.

Nowadays home is in the Cantal department of the Auvergne, in France, and not only am I surrounded by the green hills, fields and valleys that I love, but by ancient dormant volcanoes too!